Why Employees will not Adopt Apps
and 5 simple tips to fix this

How to implement applications and improve user adoption.

It does not need to be so difficult. With proper planning application adoption can be so much easier.

Employees love using apps to get the job done, just not the apps you have provided. In this video Dan will show you how to get employees on board so your business can reap the rewards the application promises. You will learn: 

  • Why employees are resistant to change and how to fix this 
  • How to assign a champion to lead the charge
  • Why structure is so important to promote consistency
  • Why you need a bullet-proof pilot program
  • How to educate your team on proper use
  • Tips for converting data into information
  • Primary reasons users refuse to adopt change

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Wondering why employees will not use the approved applications? 
  • Wishing application integration and adoption were easier?  
  • Thinking your employees would be better off if they would just use the applications?
  • Worrying your team is using rogue applications to get the job done?

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A simple process

  • Identify what a successful adoption looks like
  • Identify perceived resistance and friction 
  • Select your champion to lead
  • Ensure you have leadership buy-in
  • Launch your pilot program
  • Create training process
  • Build adoption KPIs
  • Putting it all Together - What do I do next? 

Your Certified Digital Advisor in the British Columbia area – Dan Buhler

Your Certified Digital Advisor in the British Columbia area – Dan BuhlerThose who know Dan outside of his job, can tell you he is the same person in his personal life as he is in his professional life. Dan has been involved in computers since he was old enough to walk, and he is the most affluent and knowledgeable person I’ve ever met in the industry. He won’t bore you with the details, but can make even the most trivial problem dissapear without second guessing himself.

Without a doubt Dan is the most professional and knowledable person I’ve ever met in the craft. I would recommend him in any aspect of technology and abroad. Heck, I would hire Dan to cut my grass – but he would program something to do it for him. Highly recommended – just don’t ask him to cut your grass.

Specialties: Executive and Strategic Leadership • Operations and Functional Management • P&L Management • Business Analysis • Product Design & Development • Project Portfolio Management • Project Recovery • Quality Assurance Management • Process & Product Implementation • Process Improvement • Systems and Data Center Management • Risk Analysis • Client Relations • Account Retention • Project Management Office • Regulated Environment Management

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