Quick Tips to Get Your Business
Running Like Clockwork

How you can avoid common mistakes and develop a plan to streamline your operations.

It all comes down to this: Process promotes consistency and smoother operations.

Every company has work to do. Ensuring all work is delivered identically, consistently, and timely is the challenge. In this video Eric will reveal best practices you can implement immediately. You will learn: 

  • Why processes are not being followed and how to fix this 
  • How to recognize when you really need to implement a process  
  • The key components of a good process 
  • How to train your team members to use the process 
  • Best practices for documenting and storing your processes 
  • How and when to automate process 
  • How to put processes to work for you 

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Wondering why employees do not follow processes? 
  • Wishing process documentation were easier?  
  • Thinking your employees would benefit from more structured process training? 
  • Worrying that only one person knows how to execute a key process? 
  • Confused about when you need a process and how to create it? 

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A simple process

  • Identify processes in need of improvement 
  • Create and document the process 
  • Train users on the process 
  • Measure and refine the process 
  • Empower users to follow the process 
  • Putting it all Together - What do I do next? 

Your Certified Digital Advisor in the Sacramento, California area – Eric Baryol

Your Certified Digital Advisor in the Sacramento, California area – Eric BaryolEric possess more than thirty years of experience in information technology focused on leadership, product development and business technology solutions.

Specialties: Executive and Strategic Leadership • Operations and Functional Management • P&L Management • Business Analysis • Product Design & Development • Project Portfolio Management • Project Recovery • Quality Assurance Management • Process & Product Implementation • Process Improvement • Systems and Data Center Management • Risk Analysis • Client Relations • Account Retention • Project Management Office • Regulated Environment Management

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