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  • Marguerite Fleming

Why You Should Have A Digital Transformation Expert on Your Team

Updated: May 14

Text over image: Why You Should Have A Digital Transformation Expert on Your Team

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for businesses that want to stay competitive in a dynamic market environment. However, implementing new technology can be challenging, and it may not align with the business goals, creating a gap between business and technology. To bridge this gap, businesses need a digital transformation expert or digital advisor on their team. In this blog post, we will highlight five reasons why having a digital transformation expert on your team is a competitive advantage. 

Firstly, a digital transformation expert assesses the needs of the whole team, identifies and analyzes the current information in different departments, and creates a plan or report that leads to more informed decision-making by the team. This helps the business to align its goals with the technological advances and ensures a return on investment. 

Secondly, a digital transformation expert focuses on people, training, and planning the adoption of technology, creating team collaboration through communication. Without a digital advisor, the team may choose a platform assuming that they will know how to collaborate efficiently and effectively. 

Thirdly, a digital transformation expert helps identify bottlenecks in the organization's processes and selects platforms and applications that increase business opportunities and promote growth. This ensures that the business is not only growing but also utilizing the right applications and software to achieve its goals. 

Fourthly, a digital transformation expert identifies the current digital risks that the business faces and addresses them through the digital transformation process. During this process, the expert also educates employees on the processes in place for these risks. 

Finally, a digital transformation expert emphasizes effective usage of applications and software by creating a plan that helps the company achieve effective utilization and saves them from wasting money. They look at the current applications that the business uses and what the business needs are, ensuring that the business is using its resources wisely. 

In conclusion, a digital transformation expert is a valuable asset to any business that wants to remain competitive in today's market. They help businesses align their goals with technological advances, promote collaboration and communication, identify bottlenecks, address digital risks and ensure effective utilization of applications and software. By having a digital advisor on your team, you can stay ahead of the curve and achieve your business goals.


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