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What is Growth Advisory? – Mind the GAP

What is Growth Advisory?

Have you ever struggled to find the right leadership talent to take your business to the next level? Or perhaps you've been impacted by a crisis and are looking for strategic advisory support to help transform your business? If so, Growth Advisory Practice (GAP) may be just what you need, according to digital advisor Ritesh Desai.

GAP is a service line that aims to fill talent gaps within an organization, with Fractional Leadership, Partnerships & Business Development, and Risk Management underpinning its three pillars. This wide range of skills and experience enables GAP to provide strategic business transformation advisory support to a pandemic-impacted creative female business owner, leadership to an eco-friendly wellness-focused boutique hospitality business, and even CTO advisory to a lifestyle e-commerce start-up co-founded by women entrepreneurs.

Fractional Leadership is GAP's foundational and overarching service, leveraging the most experienced advisors with relevant expertise to fulfill strategic roles based on organizational talent gaps. From Board Advisor to CISO, GAP's leaders operate as trusted advisors to client partners, including founders, board members, and executives.

What sets GAP apart from traditional consulting is its guiding principle. The team operates as holistic members of client partner organizations with long-term growth as their top priority. This means GAP will bring in third-party vendors or offshore experts only when necessary, rejecting engagements and revenue if there is a more cost-effective internal resource available.

The implicit benefits of GAP's services are vast. Thought leaders in transformation, GAP brings expertise and best practices to help create a progressive culture and provide strategic leadership for organizational growth. Moreover, its experience and qualifications add gravitas and credibility when talking with strategic customers and stakeholders.

Perhaps most impressive is GAP's Strategic Partnerships and Business Development service, which can escalate growth for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With a team of entrepreneurs who own other businesses with a broad international scope, GAP can bring highly strategic stakeholders to the table, as evidenced by its previous successes. These have included helping a Canadian healthcare manufacturer expand its distribution network in ASEAN countries and bringing in total revenues of close to $2.5 million in one year.

Overall, GAP is a service line with immense potential to transform businesses. With a long-term partnership mindset and razor focus on maximizing value and optimizing resources, GAP has set out to bridge the gap in talent and bring businesses to the next level.


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