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What exactly is a Digital Maturity Assessment?

Updated: May 13

Image of some one using a computer to take a Digital Maturity Assessment

Digital transformation has been a hot topic in the business world for some time now, and one crucial aspect of it is digital maturity assessment. So what exactly is a digital maturity assessment? It is a method for evaluating a company's maturity in terms of its digital culture and digital technology intensity. Essentially, it is an evaluation that provides insight into an organization's digital business maturity, indicating which direction it should take in its digital transformation journey.

The assessment is done in several steps, starting with an orientation process where preliminary scores are put together for the company's goals and an overview of the overall evaluation. Next is the assessment process that covers the seven essentials of a Digital Maturity Assessment. These include setting objectives, envisioning the industry in the last ten years, conducting interviews and collecting evidence, sharing digital knowledge, seeking external support to mitigate internal politics, repeating the assessment, and communicating results in a way employees understand.

Conducting interviews is the next step, followed by analysis, where segmentation data is generated, and the project's mission statement, timeline, and strategic execution plan are completed. Finally, an action plan is put together based on all observations and theories, completing the Digital Solution Adoption Action Plan.

Digital maturity assessment is an initial step in a company's digital transformation journey. It provides companies with a unique digital acceleration approach that allows them to do a digital capability assessment and compare their digital performance to that of their competitors. With certified digital transformation specialists, companies can develop a comprehensive digital transformation plan using this assessment.

Overall, digital maturity assessment is a way to talk about how an organization is changing and how it hopes to improve over time. It is a comprehensive method for developing a digital transformation plan that can help companies stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. With its focus on both digital culture and digital technology intensity, digital maturity assessment provides a holistic view of a company's digital maturity, enabling it to make informed decisions about its digital transformation journey.


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