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Digital Transformation Success Factors

Professionals learning about Digital Transformation Success Factors

Baroan Technologies, a digital advisor company, believes that data is at the forefront of any business and a driving force behind digital transformation. To achieve a data-driven business that operates in real-time, companies need to deploy multiple initiatives such as application modernization, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics. However, finding metrics to measure digital transformation can be challenging as it will be different for every business, and KPIs are unique to each industry. Therefore, businesses must establish specific goals and metrics for the outcomes they hope to achieve through digital transformation to define the path ahead.

Baroan Technologies recommends that businesses should place every department in the best position to succeed to get the most out of digital transformation. To do so, get input from department leaders and determine what areas could benefit the most from digital transformation. By using metrics, businesses can make more informed decisions and track their progress of digital transformation efforts that are related to their existing business model.

Businesses should use KPIs to track all business functions, including operations, customer service, and marketing. The right KPIs will provide a vast amount of information, so it is necessary to determine the most important pieces when presenting the findings to executives. The KPIs should allow everyone to see the big picture and not replace certain existing metrics but enhance them. Therefore, it is important to find the balance between becoming too digital and not changing anything within the existing model.

In conclusion, to achieve digital transformation success factors, businesses need to establish specific goals and metrics, place every department in the best position to succeed, use metrics to make informed decisions, and use KPIs to track progress and measure the big picture. By doing so, businesses can turn mission-critical data insights into action and adapt to the new realities of today’s work environment.

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