Digital Transformation as a Service

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Start executing a winning Digital Transformation Strategy with a Certified Digital Advisor

Our sole focus every day is to design digital visions, plan digital strategies, and execute digital roadmaps to help companies to grow.

We get that digital transformation can fall back on the priority list, but you’d be surprised what some properly selected and implemented applications can do to eliminate many of your team and customer’s stress and frustrations.

Imagine going to a company every day knowing that employees are not spinning the wheels but working efficiently and your clients praise your team for the experience they get from you.

Benefits of working with your own personal advisor

This process helps the organization to connect its Corporate Strategy to its Business Outcomes with a well defined and executed Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Discover company-wide opportunities to unleash your potential with Digital Transformation
  • Discover company-wide challenges they can tackle with Digital Transformation
  • Create a shared vision with the team
  • Create a Visual Map of how to achieve the vision
  • Create a Step-By-Step Roadmap of what to do
  • Create the foundations for execution and accountability
  • Get the team aligned on priorities
  • Get buy-in from the team and choose a champion for the execution

The Digital Transformation as  a Service (DxaaS) Framework

Annual – Digital Transformation Planning

A Digital Transformation Plan will give your company direction and action items on how customer experience, employee productivity, management capabilities, and company value can be increased.

Without a Digital Transformation Plan, the Digital Transformation is ad-hoc, not under control, and does not add value to the company.

  • Dx Vision Statement
  • Dx Strategy Map
  • Dx Roadmap
  • Dx Execution Plan

Ongoing – Digital Transformation Team Management

Ongoing Digital Transformation Leadership will give your company the necessary management to keep the daily momentum, create accountability to ensure that the important things get done.

Without ongoing leadership, the team gets misaligned, sidetracked and the goals are not achieved.

  • Dx Meeting Pulse
  • Dx Team Accountability
  • Dx Scorecard
  • Dx Issues

Ongoing – Digital Transformation Project Management

Digital Transformation Project Management will give your company the necessary project capabilities so that projects are scoped properly, planned as needed, there is a cadence of accountability and closed.

Without proper project management, critical digital transformation initiatives are not getting completed on time on budget.

  • Dx Discovery
  • Dx Project Planning
  • Dx Project Implementation
  • Dx Project Handoff

Vision, Strategy Map, Roadmap & Execution Plan

In order to do the right projects right, we need both a Strategy and proper Execution. Digital Maturity Group has developed proven methods for both activities. This way the Company Objectives can be supported by a Digital Transformation Strategy Process and the execution of projects can be supported by a Digital Transformation Opportunity Discovery Process.

The Strategy part discovers Strategic Opportunities and establishes the foundation for a winning Digital Transformation Initiative.

Start executing a Digital Transformation strategy with a Certified Digital Advisor starting at only $1500/month.

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