Digital Transformation Planning

Strategy and Execution Done Right

Digital Transformation Vision Statement, Strategy Map, Roadmap and Execution Plan

In order to do the right projects right, we need both a Strategy and proper Execution. Digital Maturity Group has developed proven methods for both activities.

This way the Company Objectives can be supported by a Digital Transformation Strategy Process and the execution of projects can be supported by a Digital Transformation Opportunity Discovery Process.

The Strategy part discovers Strategic Opportunities and establishes the foundation for a winning Digital Transformation Initiative.

Benefits of a proper plan and execution strategy

This process helps the organization to connect its Corporate Strategy to its Business Outcomes with a well defined and executed Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Discover company-wide opportunities they can untap with Digital Transformation
  • Discover company-wide challenges they can tackle with Digital Transformation
  • Create a shared vision with the team
  • Create a Visual Map of how to achieve the vision
  • Create a Step-By-Step Roadmap of what to do
  • Create the foundations for execution and accountability
  • Get the team aligned on priorities
  • Get buy-in from the team and choose a champion for the execution
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The 4-Step Digital Transformation Planning Process

Developing a Proper Digital Transformation Vision

A Digital Transformation Vision Statement will give your company a direction on how customer experience, employee productivity, management capabilities, and company value can be increased.

Plan your Digital Transformation Strategy

A Digital Transformation Strategy Map connects your company’s financial objectives to digital transformation. It clearly defines what capabilities need to be developed in order to improve business processes that will lead to improved client experience, which moves the needle on your financials.

Plan your Digital Transformation Roadmap Plan

A Digital Transformation Roadmap is a set of projects that lead the company to achieve its Digital Transformation Vision through the execution of the Digital

Transformation Strategy. A roadmap helps the company to see requirements for success one step at a time.

Execute your Digital Transformation Initiatives

Plans are meaningless without diligent execution. Project management, vendor management, application implementation, and making the team accountable are just some of the activities that help business owners to realize their digital potential.

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