Digital Transformation Discovery Process

Get a clear path to success

Internal Analysis for Informed Decision Making

In order to do the right projects right, we need both a Strategy and proper Execution. Digital Maturity Group has developed proven methods for both activities. This way the Company Objectives can be supported by a Digital Transformation Strategy Process and the execution of projects can be supported by a Digital Transformation Opportunity Discovery Process.

The Discovery Part focuses on specific Digital Transformation Opportunities and establishes the foundation for winning Digital Transformation Projects.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

These projects help you to dive deep into several Digital Transformation topics quickly and assess the opportunities. This will let the leaders set direction and get alignment with the team.

  • Discover issues together with the team
  • Get the team aligned on chosen improvement areas
  • Find quick wins to build momentum
  • Get the team aligned on priorities
  • Establish a plan for future developments
  • Get buy-in from the team and choose a champion for the execution

The process is a set of specific discovery groups and private workshops followed by internal analysis. Then the results are discussed and decisions are made in order to create a plan.

A 90-minute Group Workshop  (Group Meeting)

Key Stakeholder Interviews (1-1 meetings)

Internal Analysis (background work)

Findings Discussion (group meeting)

Finalized Implementation Plan (1-1 meeting)

Get a clear path to success, project scope and an aligned team with buy-in to set any digital transformation initiative for success for only $1500.

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