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Successful organizations everywhere are embracing Digital Transformation because they understand it is the single most important opportunity that enables them to leverage technologies across all aspects of their business.

It all starts with an accurate measure of the company’s Digital Maturity. Put simply, Digital Maturity is the state of an organization’s progress through the Digital Transformation process. A Digital Maturity Score is an accurate measure of the current state of Digital Maturity.

Like EBITDA reflects the health of profitability, a Digital Maturity Score provides a measure of the Digital Transformation status.

Benefits of knowing your Digital Maturity Score

  • Executives gain clarity on exactly which projects need to happen and when
  • Teams become aligned on the expected business outcomes
  • Growth opportunities will be easier to identify and act on
  • Progress becomes measurable and easier to manage
  • Provides a map and a compass to better navigate the Digital Transformation journey

The first step for executives interested in better business outcomes is to obtain their Digital Maturity Score. This will pave the way for better Digital Transformation Planning.

The 4-Step Digital Transformation Benchmark Process

Orientation Call

We’ll explain the main concepts of Digital Transformation, Digital Maturity Group and the Digital Maturity Benchmark Process.

Then the Advisor will perform a quick-assessment to determine best course of action for Assessment Meeting.

Assessment Meeting

In this 60-90 minute session the Advisor will review and assess the 7 Digital Maturity components that will dictate your Digital Maturity Score.

Your team provides feedback on the current state and the ideal future state of the key components.

The Advisor confirms the priorities and looks for additional context and information to be able to generate the proper action plan.

Internal Analysis

The Advisor goes through the scores, notes and priorities and begins developing the action plan and recommendations.

The Advisor is backed with the Digital Maturity Group best practices, team, and support to generate the action plan with themes, recommendation projects, and scope of projects.

Action Plan Meeting

The Action Plan meeting is a 60-90 minute session. The Advisor presents the findings of the assessment and explains the recommended action plan. The team discusses the potential action items, opportunities, challenges and the requirements to set the future Digital Transformation initiatives for success.

The process concludes with delivery of the final version of the Digital Transformation Roadmap.

Get your Digital Maturity Score and Action Plan from a Certified Digital Advisor for only $1500.

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