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Souhail Alavi

Souhail Alavi

We take pride in helping businesses find new ways to operate and utilize technology to their advantage. We help accelerate digital transformation.

Digital Fractal Technologies Inc

Certified Digital Advisor

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Souhail Alavi

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Squall Inc.

Founder & CEO

Souhail Alavi completed a Digital Adoption Strategy for Squall Inc. that has set our company on the path to reaching full digital maturity. nbsp'He was able to efficiently identify areas of strength and weakness in our IT systems. nbsp'He has directed us to online services and consultants who can guide Squall through the implementation of advanced solutions for our digital requirements./

Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor

Digital Fractal Technologies Inc

Souhail Alavi is a technology consultant with over 15 years experience in software engineering and system implementation for a wide range of industries such as Construction, Transportation, Startups, Energy, Government and NGOs. Souhail is an engineering graduate from University of Alberta, a tech enthusiast and an angel investor. His technical knowledge and general business operations expertise makes him a great candidate to translate business requirements to technical requirements. His career has exposed him to a wide range of business units such as sales, marketing, operation/quality management, hr and finance. Souhail's mission in business is to help business owners achieve leaps in productivity improvements and operational efficiency.

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