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Rakesh Desai

Rakesh Desai

Our philosophy is to use customer feedback to inspire and implement solutions. We combine strong technological competence with domain knowledge and many years of business experience. This enables us to create solutions for a variety of industries.

Search Results Media

Certified Digital Advisor

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Rakesh Desai

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699 Niagara

Integrity and service

I fully endorse Rakesh as a trustworthy associate and business person. nbsp'I have recommended his company to several friends. nbsp'His team is hardworking and equally trustworthy.nbsp'/

Motor Home Travel Canada

Great company!

we have had the pleasure of working with this company for some time now. nbsp'It is a joy to work with professionals who take the time to review all the details with care and then coming up with a plan specific to your business./Keep up the great work that you do!!/

Air Riderz

Marketing services

Working with Rakesh and the team at Search Results has been a delight for me on multiple occasions, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The team has been managing our Digital Roadmap and Marketing campaigns. Their dedication to going above and beyond to complete tasks on schedule and their great work quality are unmatched in this day and age./

Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor

Search Results Media

"As a founder of Search Results Media, I leverage my professional experience to deliver a personalized service that seamlessly blends technology and business. We are one of the few companies to consult and offer comprehensive solutions – we combine embedded and enterprise domains, implementing end-to-end systems: from embedded software to cloud applications.

Over the past 15+ years We have helped many agencies build their IT and marketing business by guiding them and supporting their teams to deliver a wide range of services.

My team consists of highly experienced IT engineers and marketing experts. My team leads have technical knowledge and are proficient in software development methods. While we operate on an international level, I always keep a keen focus on local developments."

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