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Michael Dallas-Petersen

Michael Dallas-Petersen

We not only execute but we plan and create a vision of execution. A successful marketing strategy is only successful when it’s executed by those who it is envisioned by.

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Certified Digital Advisor

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Michael Dallas-Petersen

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Working with Mike over the years has transformed my business.nbsp'brbrI have saved many frustrations and long hours by tapping into the expertise Mike has in tech, software, systems, and operations.nbsp'brbrNot only is Mike knowledgeable in these categories but he always makes sure I knownbsp'why he is doing something, which I greatly appreciate.nbsp'brbrHard to find someone as reliable as Mike!/

Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor

Social AiM Solutions Ltd.

Michael Dallas-Petersen is a Canadian entrepreneur, father, and husband based in Summerland, British Columbia. Michael is a highly sought-after automation and systems specialist helping online and brick & mortar entrepreneurs scale their offers/businesses with world-class systems, automations and delegation. Michael Dallas-Petersen is the founder of Social AiM Solutions LTD. Michael has been featured in several media outlets such as The New York Weekly, International Business Times, FOX, Kivo Daily, Yahoo Finance, Thrive, Disrupt Magazine, Accesswire and Issue Wire.

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