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Melanie Taljaard

Melanie Taljaard

"For 25 years now I’ve been using my digital and consulting skills to help business leaders in the service sector achieve real, measurable results.

A digital native with extensive experience in various sectors helping clients embrace technology, creating and realizing custom digital marketing and ecommerce plans."

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Certified Digital Advisor

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Melanie Taljaard

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Karen Moore, King's-Edgehill School

Melanie is an outstanding and innovative leader

Melanie is an outstanding and innovative leader in the field of marketing. She has successfully developed marketing plans that have increased the day and boarding student population at Kingrsquo's-Edgehill School.brbrBesides being an absolute joy to work with and an excellent communicator, Melanie is a ldquo'go getterrdquo' who consistently brings creative ideas to our KES Marketing Team and then implements these ideas effectively and efficiently./

Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor

More In Store

Melanie cut her teeth in traditional advertising agencies and then expanded that experience by working client-side before opening her own business in 2009. This combination of experiences means she understands what small businesses like yours are going through.
• You want to embrace new technology, but don’t know where to start.
• You want real, measurable results to justify this level of change.
Melanie has seen the proof in her own business
Incorporating technology makes a real, bottom-line difference. She’s seen this in her client’s businesses too.
Now she wants to do that for you by…
• creating your CDAP Boost Your Business Technology plan. As a member of the Digital Maturity Advisors, Melanie has the experience, back-up, and extra support needed to develop a plan that quickly meets with CDAP approval, which unlocks more funding and grants for you.
• creating and realizing a custom digital marketing and ecommerce plan. This step puts all your new technology into action, unleashing the power of inbound marketing to deliver more leads, customers, and value.
Melanie’s Qualifications
• Approved CDAP advisor
• Member: Digital Maturity Advisors
• PR degree from Mount Saint Vincent University
• MBA from Saint Mary’s University
• Certified Digital Adoption Specialist, May 2022
• Hubspot Partner Certification – 2012 to 2020 inclusive
• Inbound Marketing Certification – 2012 to 2020 inclusive
• Google Analytics and Google Adwords, Los Angeles – 2011

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