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John Mitsilios

John Mitsilios

"Doing the right things, the right way, is what gets you ahead in competition. Let us show you how to do just that!"

Quantum Smart

Certified Digital Advisor

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John Mitsilios

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Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor

Quantum Smart

"Boost Your Technology and Business with Digital Transformation Roadmap!
At Quantum Smart, we keep companies Safe, Secure and Prepared.

Quantum Smart Assessment provides your organization with a current-state and target-state Technology Roadmap. A map that will lead your organization to a better understanding of your organizational risks as well as its potential. With easy-to-understand benchmarks and guidelines to help you develop your path to success - specifically tailored to your unique business goals, needs and vision.

John Mitsilios has over 25 years of experience in progressively senior roles. He has managed data-centre moves, ever-greening IT projects, data migrations and digital transformations for medium to large corporations in some of the most stringent, federally regulated environments, the financial and insurance industries.

He believes that all companies can tremendously benefit from digital modernization! This results in support that is valued and serves everyone within the organization – allowing them to be more productive and happier employees. An added benefit of implementing a digital modernization initiative is that it will help protect the company's digital assets from any malicious actors or threats.

John is results-focused and decisive, he enjoys leading teams to deliver substantial productivity, quality improvement as well as providing his clients at QuantumSmart with cost and time savings.

At QuantumSmart we believe that for an organization to be completely resilient they need a holistic view of their environment that covers Resiliency, Cyber-Security, Operational Excellence and Business Continuity.

That is exactly what we do at Quantum Smart! We are one of the leading experts in the field with an executive and experienced team with broad technology experience from the top companies in Canada and USA.

As Certified Advisors, we are now also able to support SMEs to use the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) and the Ontario-based Digital Modernization Adoption Program (DMAP) to fund their digital strategies.

How do we help?
Step 1. We assess your environment
Step 2. We provide Current State and Target State analysis
Step 3. We equip you with tools and actionable steps to help you get to your desired destination

Quantum Smart will equip your company to be ready for continuous and rapid change in the technology landscape.

Let's have a call to explore how we can help you keep your company Safe, Secure and Prepared!"

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