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Jeremy Heslop

Jeremy Heslop

Helping companies that struggle with complex IT to become more productive. Easier IT puts smiles on the faces of your team. Happier employees make for happier customers. Happier customers equal better business opportunities for you.

Omni Technology Professionals, Inc.

Certified Digital Advisor

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Jeremy Heslop

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Jeremy was able to position us strategically

Navigating complex programs are challenging especially in a constantly changing healthcare environment. OmniTechPro was able to position us strategically so we could support our private data collection and reporting needs and thus simplify our lives./


Our business is growing, and we needed to align our business goals and technology

Our business is growing, and we needed to align our business goals and technology. OmniTechPro was immensely helpful with developing a plan to move our business forward and having a clear direction./


His ideas are great and always help improve any situation

Jeremy cares about what he does. He won't quit until he gets it right and boy is that hard to find these days. His ideas are great and always help improve any situation. I would recommend him to anyone who has any IT concerns./


I would recommend him for any IT or consulting work

Jeremy and his team at Omnitech have been serving Delmarva for years and I would recommend him for any IT or consulting work. I have worked with him on many projects throughout in the past and he is very knowledgeable--Thank you Jeremy!/



Jeremy and his team have been a valuable asset to our city hall's/nbsp'digital transformation efforts. His expertise and guidance have/nbsp'allowed us to efficiently navigate the process and achieve successful outcomes./nbsp'Highly recommend/

Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor

Omni Technology Professionals, Inc.

"Jeremy Heslop, President, opened OmniTechPro’s doors in 2004 when he identified a need for small businesses to implement Information Technology with a high level of reliability. He found that success could be had by working closely with the clients to fill their business needs, rather than just computer needs, and by implementing the right technology for the right reasons.

After more than a decade of providing infrastructure, software development, and time/materials services, Jeremy noticed a shift in how technology impacted his clients. More clients began to ask business questions and wanted to discuss business strategy instead of IT topics. That shift is why we began offering Digital Transformation to manage IT better from the business side of the equation."

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