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Jeremy Hayward

Jeremy Hayward

I have a keen passion for digital transformation. My commitment to myself and my clients is to incorporate digital technology into our personal and professional life in order to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall well-being. I've spent 25 years in the technology space and have found that DX can serve as a roadmap for an individual to identify areas where they can integrate technology and outlines their goals for using technology to improve their life both personally and professionally. Let me help you on your journey!!


Certified Digital Advisor

Services Provided

Digital Transformation Services

Application Modernation
Business Improvement Reviews
Digital Adoption Planning
Digital Maturity Assessments
Digital Solution Development
Digital Solution Selection

Finance and HR Services

Growth Strategies

Operations and Management Services

Customer Support
Data & Information Management
Leadership Development
Process Improvement
Risk Management

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SCN Nichols Electric Ltd.

Digital Transformation

Jeremy Hayward was referred to us to help provide direction and support for structuring our digital transformation. nbsp'He addressed our issues at a high level in a prompt and respectful manner. nbsp'He has a very personable disposition and listens carefully to concerns to be addressed. nbsp'He was able to provide quick turn around on action items and results inside a short time frame./

John Bell Painting

Digital Roadmapping

I wanted to share a bit about our experience working with Jeremy Hayward, who came on as a Digital Advisor for us here at John Bell Painting./Jeremy had a knack for tying together our digital efforts with our broader business goals. He definitely knows his stuff when it comes to the industry, and he helped us see things from a new perspective./He put together a technology roadmap, which was a good starting point for us to figure out where we could make some improvements. His attention to detail was evident, ensuring that our digital projects were handled carefully./When conflicts popped up, Jeremy was there to help mediate and find a solution, keeping things running smoothly./All in all, Jeremyrsquo's time with us brought some new ideas to the table and helped us navigate the digital side of things./Best,/

International Mascot

Digital Adoption

We had the opportunity work with Jeremy Hayward and his expertise as a Digital Advisor was invaluable. Jeremy provided strategic clarity, aligning our digital initiatives with broader business goals and showcasing a deep understanding of industry trends./His creation of a technology roadmap marked a significant milestone, identifying key areas for innovation and ensuring we stayed ahead of the curve.nbsp'/In moments of conflict, Jeremy's skills in mediation and communication were evident, swiftly resolving issues and maintaining a positive working environment. His contribution has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on our company, raising the bar for digital advisory./In short, working with Jeremy was a transformative experience, and his strategic insight, technological foresight, and dedication to excellence have been instrumental in our success./

Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor


As VP of Digital Transformation, my role is to help our clients achieve their full potential by helping them plan, strategize and adopt the right digital solutions and platforms for their business. Its implementation aims to increase value through innovation, invention, customer experience and efficiency. Outside of the office, I enjoy golfing, concerts, hockey, and spending time with my Wife Patti, Daughter Eva, and Son John.

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