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Henok Ghebrezghi

Henok Ghebrezghi

Every business will eventually transform itself into a digital-technology-first business or be left behind. I am passionate about helping small to medium sized businesses become highly competitive in the digital marketplace.

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Certified Digital Advisor

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Henok Ghebrezghi

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Chantelle Brown, Product Owner

Given the chance to pick teams, Henok would always be my first choice

I have worked closely with Henok for a year on a challenging software development project where he has delivered quality work consistently under austere time constraints. . . with a smile One could not ask for a better developer. Given the chance to pick teams, Henok would always be my first choice. /

Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor

Hypertext Labs

Henok is a seasoned technology consultant with nearly two decades of hands-on experience in driving digital transformation initiatives. He possesses an expansive range of experience across multiple industry sectors such as automotive, digital media, retail, finance, travel, and real estate.

Notable among his accomplishments is his pivotal role in the creation of the original website. He had the privilege of collaborating with many of Walmart’s high-profile vendors like P&G, Johnson & Johnson, and Mattel, to enhance their digital footprint on the Walmart platform. His astute understanding of digital interfaces is proven by these successful partnerships.

In addition to his consultancy work, Henok is a driven entrepreneur, having founded several businesses from scratch. These include a technology consultancy firm focused on assisting businesses with their technology projects ( and sourcing the best tech-talent, and a tech startup within the travel industry ( His travel tech venture, widely used by numerous hotels and lodges to streamline their payment processes, was part of the distinguished Ryerson DMZ accelerator program. This association helped catalyze the rapid growth of the business.

Moreover, Henok is an established business investor. He has invested in several brick-and-mortar businesses, one such business is an automotive services enterprise in Toronto that has demonstrated consistent success for more than a decade.

Henok’s rich portfolio of experiences coupled with his profound understanding of the latest technology trends makes him an invaluable asset to any company eager to enhance their digital capabilities. His expertise in leading teams, project execution, and business acumen equip him perfectly to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital landscape.

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