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David Daigle

David Daigle

"The past is a place you can visit from time to time. The future never quite arrives. You can't live in either place.
Carpe Momentus. Seize the moment."

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Certified Digital Advisor

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David Daigle

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Gerry C.

You helped us double in size!!

Wingman's digital adoption advisory services provided us custom solutions, amazing support, and quick adoption of new tools for our organization. Their crew of experts delivered responsive guidance from assessment to implementation resulting in improved productivity and efficiency for our small team. Working with Wingman has been a game-changer, and we highly recommend their services to upgrade digital capabilities./

David G.

Wingman gave us a digital edge in busy Toronto area

Wingman's development of our digital adoption plan for our sign company was nothing short of fantastic. They were able to identify and implement technology solutions that significantly increased the company's efficiency and productivity. With their expertise, we were able to improve our customer experience and gain a competitive edge in the region. The positive impact of Wingman's work on our business has been remarkable,/

Peter P.

Thank You!!

I would highly recommend Wingman to any business looking for expert guidance on digital adoption planning. As a client in the wellness industry, I worked with Wingman and was impressed with their digital adoption process and solutions provisioning. Their team was knowledgeable about the latest digital tools and strategies relevant to our industry, and took the time to understand our unique business needs. The end result was a successful digital transformation that allowed us to reach more customers, streamline our operations, and improve our overall business performance.nbsp'/

William B.

Tog (gun) team to work with!!

Wingman's digital advisory services are exceptional. Their team is made up of highly skilled professionals who have a deep understanding of the digital landscape and are able to provide practical solutions for businesses of all sizes looking to enhance their digital presence. Their recommendations and strategies are well researched, data-driven and tailored to meet the individual needs of each client./

Scott G.

David and Crew were awesome!

I would like to thank and recommend Wingman for their exceptional efforts in crafting our digital adoption plan. Their attention to detail and commitment to understanding our business needs and goals was evident throughout the entire process.nbsp'/

Frieda Lauw

David has introduced fresh ideas for testing and ensured that we don't stay stagnant in trends.

It is no surprise David has started consulting with his strong communication and work ethic. Having worked together on multiple direct mail initiatives involving strategic partners, I have never had any doubt that the projects would be rolled out by deadline and on point. David has introduced fresh ideas for testing and ensured that we don't stay stagnant in trends. Working virtually with David has also been a pleasure as it never felt he was remote. /


Both Wingman and Navigator

With need to elevate our distillery's digital footprint, we sought a partner not just with expertise, but with a vision and passion for transformative digital landscapes. Enter David from Wingman, whose advisory services didn't just meet our expectationsmdash'they redefined them. From the very first consultation, it was clear that David wasn't here to offer cookie-cutter solutions. This wasn't a mere business transaction' it was a partnership fostered on mutual respect and a shared goalmdash'to not only navigate the digital realm but to conquer it. What set David apart was his exceptional ability to translate complex digital marketing strategies into actionable, understandable steps. He equipped us with the tools to understand our audience better, engage with them on a deeper level, and ultimately, convert their interest into loyalty. Thank you, David, for being not just our wingman but our navigator in this digital odyssey./br/

Dave S

Expanded Digital Footprint

David's team at Wingman provided invaluable digital advisory and CDAP services, tailoring their approach to our manufacturing company's specific needs. Their comprehensive strategy and training empowered our team, leading to improved operational efficiency and expanded digital footprint. With tangible outcomes in efficiency and market growth, David and his team have been pivotal in our digital transformation journey./

Reliable Tires

Enhanced Booking System

Engaging David and his team revolutionized our approach to digital engagement and operational efficiency. Their customized strategies enhanced our online booking system, customer service, and digital marketing efforts, resulting in increased bookings, customer satisfaction, and sales. David's team is credited with significantly advancing our digital presence in the competitive tire industry./

Shonna S.

magnified brand essence

David and his team masterfully elevated our Kelowna custom jewelry store's online presence. They crafted a digital strategy that beautifully showcased our craftsmanship and engaged our audience through enhanced website design and social media campaigns. This partnership not only boosted our online traffic and sales but also magnified our brand's essence, making David and his team an indispensable asset to our business's growth and digital journey./


nothing short of transformative

David and his team at Wingman have been nothing short of transformative for our architecture firm in Kamloops. With a keen eye for the unique demands of our industry, they crafted a digital strategy that went beyond mere online presence, elevating our brand to new heights. Their approach was deeply collaborative, ensuring that the digital narrative they developed was in perfect harmony with our architectural philosophy and values./They revolutionized our portfolio presentation, making it not just accessible but immersive, allowing clients to truly engage with our work. Moreover, their targeted digital marketing strategies effectively drew in a broader audience, including potential clients and collaborators./David and his Wingman team have proven to be invaluable partners, deeply committed to our success. For any architecture firm looking to redefine their digital strategy, I cannot recommend them highly enough./

Dan G.

"Canada's best digital Wingman"

I've called David quot'Canada's best digital Wingmanquot' because small and medium-sized businesses in the greater Calgary area (and beyond) would be wise to consider him at their side for the next era of growth. Let's face it: There are many different ways you can go when thinking about marketing, but all too often, it's the hot tactic of the month that gets done. Not so with David. His extensive background in digital marketing ensures that you have the plan and framework in place to make far more intelligent decisions with your marketing dollars. Plus, with his deep experience in a variety of different industries, chances are he can leverage that particular background to your advantage - all while bringing a customized perspective for your challenges today. For that reason, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with him today. Don't go it alone. Make David your marketing Wingman and I have no doubt you'll go onward, upward and far beyond what you expected./

Certified Digital Advisor

Certified Digital Advisor

Wingman Direct Marketing & Digital Advisory

"As the Chief Digital Officer (owner) of Wingman, David embraces the opportunity to strategize and create customized digital solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. In the past, he has oft been heard to say he is not a 'creative' but in reality he is immensely creative when it comes to strategy, systems, processes and solutions. While he is no artistic Picasso, many of his small business solutions will have a legacy for his clients for decades to come.

To be as 'creative' as he is, David has adopted a life-long learning strategy for himself and for Wingman. He has leveraged his formal education in both Information Systems (Diploma) and Communications (Degree) alongside his numerous life-long learning certifications from such prestigious companies such as Disney, Google, Bank of America, Duct Tape Marketing, the Digital Marketing Association, TD Bank, MNP and Digital Maturity Group. This coupled with almost 25 years in the marketing, communications and IT fields has made him a respected member of his digital community.

Always client-focused, David has assisted clients in a wide variety of sectors from financial to telecom, to O&G to Health/Telehealth to online retail to manufacturing and many other sectors in between. David is a highly passionate and innovative leader and entrepreneur with 2+ decades of providing successful results-driven solutions in the design and execution of effective campaigns and digital transformations. He is a seasoned professional leading a crew of similarly minded digital-first professionals who excel in strategic creative production efficiency ultimately reducing cost and time-to-market while increasing performance and ROI.

He is an expert strategist with keen eye for efficiency and bottom-line impact. David is a thought leader with proven track record of combining process improvement and organizational leadership to create and achieve successful and repeatable programs. These traits have proven to be key in delivering dramatic results while remaining mindful of cost and timing.

David also ensures he is paying it forward through mentoring, teaching and volunteering. Wingman donates roughly 2.5-3% of gross revenue annually to child-oriented charities in the Calgary area such as Make-a-Wish, Ronald McDonald House and Variety Alberta. Additionally, he teaches marketing to new entrepreneurs focusing primarily on women and immigrants wherever possible. Paying back to his alma mater - Mount Royal University - David has been an active mentor for the marketing faculty the past 6 years."

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