The 7 Pillars of
Digital Transformation

How implementing a few new concepts will make your Digital Transformation simple.

It is not that complicated: You already have the data. Now focus on your vision and communication via scorecards and dashboards.

While the term Digital Transformation conjures up fear and anxiety for many business owners, it does not need to be this way.

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and you are ready to get your Digital Transformation on the right track, we have just what you need. Watch as Marc lays out the framework for creating a sound Digital Transformation plan and learn: 

  • How to measure and improve your 7 pillars of Digital Transformation
  • Ways to get more from your people and processes
  • The importance of scorecards and dashboards
  • How to effectively communicate your vision
  • Common Digital Transformation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Easy to implement strategies to bridge the gap between business and technology initiatives

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Feeling overwhelmed every time you hear the words “Digital Transformation”?
  • Worried you do not have a sound Digital Transformation strategy?
  • Wondering how you can better communicate your vision to your team so they can have more confidence?
  • Unsure how to measure the progress of your Digital Transformation? 
  • Trying to figure out how to bridge business and technology initiatives to generate more value?

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An easy to follow process:

  • Establish a benchmark of your current Digital Transformation
  • Build your Vision plan
  • Define your Strategy plan
  • Create a Roadmap
  • Complete an Execution plan
  • Measure your progress 
  • Putting it all Together - What do I do next?

Your Certified Digital Advisor in the Minneapolis area – Marc Miller

Your Certified Digital Advisor in the Philadelphia area – Marc Miller

As joint Owner and Chief Happ(i)ness Officer at Imagine IT, I love creating IT solutions that make our clients’ lives easier and happier. I’m knowledgeable, positive and passionate about the work we do. Expanding the circle of happ(i)ness is, in fact, our number one priority.

In my work at Imagine IT, I focus on education and business development and enjoy introducing new clients to our innovative business solutions. Building relationships with our clients and continually exceeding their expectations while at the same time making their jobs easier? That’s why I do what I do.

Are you working with clunky, antiquated technology? Do you have concerns about data security but you’re not sure what safeguards to put in place? Are you leading a remote workforce and want to promote a fluid office-to-home tech experience? At Imagine IT, we provide you with lean and agile technology solutions, cutting-edge cybersecurity, cloud computing and managed services to keep you running smoothly and securely. This means you can focus on doing your job without worrying about the technology that fuels your business. Now how great does that sound?


Specialties: Executive and Strategic Leadership • Operations and Functional Management • P&L Management • Business Analysis • Product Design & Development • Project Portfolio Management • Project Recovery • Quality Assurance Management • Process & Product Implementation • Process Improvement • Systems and Data Center Management • Risk Analysis • Client Relations • Account Retention • Project Management Office • Regulated Environment Management

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